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Summer Haul

Hello and welcome to my first haul! I thought I'd share with you some things I bought recently to mark the beginning of summer. Lots of stores are currently having fantastic sales and I've definitely been taking advantage of them, hope you enjoy!

Most the clothes I bought were from Macy's since they were having a GREAT sale. I believe it was an extra 60% off sale items, so naturally I stocked up.

// sweater top // Macy's // $2
This is a lovely cropped, sleeveless sweater top. I'm obsessed with sweaters so it was necessary that I got a sweater a can wear in the summer time. It's a light-weight, soft material and was something like $2 (yes, $2!!!), so I basically fell in love.

// mint cropped trousers // Macy's // $11
I wasn't sure about getting these pants at first, seeing as I found them in the more "mature" women's section (elastic waistband and everything). However, I'm glad I got them! I absolutely love the color and fit. They come to the bellybutton, perfect for paring with a loose-fitting crop top (as seen above - I just love this outfit!). The fact that they are cropped seems like a bit of a risk, again playing on the "mature" style, but paired with some strappy sandals, I think they will be perfect for summer! Oh, and these were also a great deal at $11.

// velvet floral crop top // Macy's // $3
Love this velvet top. The floral print is just beautiful with a black background. It's part of the American Rag collection, which is usually a bit too bohemian for me, but I really like this piece. It's seen above tucked in to the high-waisted skirt, but since it is a crop top, it'd be great untucked maybe with some high-waisted jeans. IT WAS $3!

// black high-waisted skirt // Forever 21 // $15
This skirt is seriously the perfect length. I love skirts that are a bit longer, but not too long and this one comes just above the knee - perfect. The waist fits well and the fabric is on the stiffer side, allowing it to keep its full shape. Not shown in the picture, it does have a lovely button detail on one side - very well made!

// red, v-neck dress // Macy's // $9
No idea when I'm going to wear this, but it's such a beautiful dress! The picture doesn't do it justice. I adore the sleeves! Comes to the knee (which rocks). It is supposed to be a very form fitting dress, but is just a bit too big on me (for $9, it's something I can live with!), so I may add a belt. Simply breathtaking and well made - what a steal!

// nude & black cami // Forever 21 // $1.90 each
These are an essential for me. They are soft and surprisingly well made for the price! I got one in  nude and one in black. Nice and stretchy, though they are a bit thin. It has a slight V-neck, which I like.

// white "U" mug with gold details // Anthropologie // $4
Anthropologie is also having a pretty good sale. I got this great, large and chunky mug. The handle is so great and I love how big it is. The U has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it was $4 and I'm obsessed with mugs.

// crystal arch studs // Forever 21 // $4
These earrings are so beautiful! I didn't make a detail picture, but the stones are teensy and layered in 3 rows - this makes them look very expensive and elegant. They are part of a "Delicates" jewelry line from Forever 21, so I think they are trying to make jewelry that looks a bit "ritzier" - and they succeeded! I just can't get over how gorgeous these are!

// Simple Cleansing Micellar Water // CVS // $6.99
This stuff is my new holy grail beauty product. I've already gone through a bottle of this stuff. I use this on a cotton pad in the morning - its super fast and easy for days I'm in a rush. If you'd like a full review - comment below, I could talk about this stuff for days!

// NYX Butter Gloss in "Tiramisu" // CVS // $4.99
I'm pretty neutral on this product. I'm usually not one for lipgloss, but I thought I'd give it a shot because I've heard great reviews. The color is beautiful, but it was a bit heavy and sticky. I think I'll keep it around because I do like the color so much. But don't let this review scare you away, I'm just not a lipgloss fan! For someone who is, I think this would be a great gloss. The color is a light, brown-pink and is the perfect "your lips but better color". If you want a more in depth review/swatch, comment below!

// Essie nail polish in "e-nuf is e-nuf" // CVS // $8.50
The picture shows it as more of a red, but it's really a beautiful coral color. No surprise, Essie makes fantastic nail polish. I love this color for summer, I'm painting my nail right after I finish this post!

// mini candles in "Lavender Vanilla" and "Honeysuckle Bouquet" // Bath and Body Works // $2 each
B&BW is also having the biggest sale ever right now. Most scents were on sale and they even brought back a bunch of throw-back scents! I also got two body sprays for $3 a piece, but I gave them away as presents. The candles are two beautiful, feminine scents. The Lavender Vanilla sounded a bit scary, I though it might smell a bit "public bathroomy", but I was pleasantly surprised! It smells just like what lavender and vanilla should smell like together. Such a soft, elegant scent! And of course the honeysuckle one is a winner. They also came in really beautiful colored glass containers that just added to the reasons I couldn't resist these.

That's all for my first haul, I really hope you enjoyed it! Again, if you'd like to see a full review of any of the products, comment below. 

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